The best fights

A list of legendary fights which are already in the history of boxing. All true boxing fans have to see them if they want to understand how strategy in fighting works. This will also be a good opportunity to train you analytic skills to improve your betting on ongoing matches.

Anthony Joshua – Vladimir Klitschko. 2017
Duel of a teacher against a student, experience against youth, power against technology. After a sensational defeat by Tyson Fury, Vladimir did not box for 18 months. It was clear that this was not the same Klitschko, who reigned in heavy weight for almost 10 years.
Few people bet on him in a meeting against a young and hungry champion, but the fight caused an unprecedented excitement in the homeland of boxing. Wembley stadium was packed to capacity, more than 90 thousand spectators came to the match and none of them was disappointed. Klitschko acted in a wait-and-see manner and outplayed the favorite, but in the fifth round the picture of the duel changed dramatically.
Joshua went on the attack and knocked Klitschko down. It seemed that everything was over, but then Vladimir surprised everyone: he did not avoid open exchange, but accepted it by turning on the terminator mode. The next two rounds were hell for Anthony. Having been in the hardest knockdown, he somehow miraculously remained on his feet, but unexpectedly Klitschko let his opponent go. As it turned out, this was a fatal decision. Having recovered, in the 11th round, the Briton twice knocked down the eminent opponent before the referee gave the signal.
This was the last battle in more than 20 years of Klitschko’s career. Despite the defeat, at 41, he showed the best performance of his life and left, as befits a true legend, more than earning his place among the greatest boxers in history. Boxing experts were also delighted, without any doubt recognizing this duel not only as the Fight of the Year, but also one of the best in the history of heavyweight. Betting on this meeting was one of the biggest in history of betting.

Arturo Gatti – Micky Ward. 2002

Every boxing fan should know about this trilogy. Much has been said about her, and even if you are not a fan of tough battles, then this confrontation is for all time. It’s hard to determine the best of these meetings, but we’ll pick the most sensational outcome – Ward’s victory in the first duel. In the other two, Gatti celebrated victory, but the main winner in these duels is boxing itself.

How to become successful in betting?

Collect as much data as possible about boxers and the upcoming fight. Only bet if you have done a comprehensive analysis. High-level duels are not organized often, so you won’t be able to consistently make money on one box. This is an individual sport where psychology decides a lot. Remember that your betting success is entirely up to you.