Jake Paul from Tommy Fury will have a boxing match on December 18

One of the biggest drawbacks of new boxing star Jake Paul, formerly a world-famous YouTube star, is the lack of fights with real stars and boxers. Many people begin to criticize him because of this and do not perceive Jake as a real boxer.
Now Jake Paul has the opportunity to dispel doubts about his boxing career because on December 18 he will fight in the ring with the invincible and world-famous fighter Tommy Fury. Their battle is to take place in Tampa, Florida. This was announced only recently. According to preliminary information, the fight should last 8 rounds of 3 minutes each.
Tommy Fury is not worth introducing. Anyone interested in boxing knows about its existence. He is the half-brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. The young boxer became famous thanks to the creation and promotion of his videos on the Internet. At the moment, Tommy has seven consecutive victories, four of which he was able to win by knocking out opponents.
Fight Paul vs. Fury is one of the most anticipated of the recent period. The promotion of this fight will be carried out by all kinds of popular companies engaged in the promotion of battles on a global scale.

Source: ESPN