Iconic boxing meetings

Boxing is popular as a sport, but it is relatively rarely used for betting when compared, for example, with hockey, let alone football. Every bookmaker offers a bet. In the meantime, the season is on pause, we suggest you watch the legendary battles. This will help you improve your fighter analysis skills for betting.

Muhammad Ali – George Foreman. 1974
The first world title fight in Africa was a triumph for the Greatest Boxer in History. Few gave Muhammad Ali a chance, as was the case before the first metting against Sunny Liston, given the punching power of George Foreman. But Mohammed, having withstood the starting onslaught of the favorite, in the eighth round gave an incredible streak that knocked out Foreman. After this Muhammad Ali becam very popular among those who bet.

Muhammad Ali – Joe Fraser. 1975 year
Before the fight, the boxers had a 1-1 score in the confrontation, and the third fight promised to be more than just determining the best in this pair. “Thriller in Manila” was remembered for the fact that two brilliant heavyweights 14 rounds mercilessly beat each other. Before round 15, Fraser’s corner removed him from the duel. Ali won, but after the fight he recognized the opponent’s class and publicly apologized for all the insults, explaining this by the promotion of the boxing duel. But even without this, the confrontation between Ali and Fraser became one of the greatest in the history of sports. Bets on that meeting reached unbelievable heights.

Sugar Ray Leonard – Marvin Hagler. 1987
Before this fight, Hagler was the best boxer on the planet, clearing the middle weight with fire and sword, being the undisputed world champion. Sugar was no longer so sweet, beating Duran, Benitez and Hearns, plus he had an easy one for three years. Virtually no one gave Leonard a chance, but he produced a phenomenal fight, beating the favorite by split decision, creating one of the biggest sensations in boxing history. Hagler was so shocked by the outcome that he retired from boxing.

Marvin Hagler – Thomas Hearns. 1985
The 80s are not called the golden era in the history of boxing for nothing. This decade has passed under the reign of four of the greatest boxers – Roberto Duran, Thomas Hearns, Marvin Hagler and Sugar Ray Leonard. They repeatedly fought among themselves, some even three times. Hagler and Hearns only met once, but what a meeting it was! The organizers called this boxing meeting a War, and it met expectations by 100%. However, it is better to look once.

Why is it easy to bet on a box?

There are several advantages to betting on various sports. Boxing is no exception and has its own pros and cons. The latter include a very meager number of battles in a calendar year. After all, it makes sense to create predictions specifically for popular fights. But, often, a boxer fights 2 or 3 times a year, and as we said, many often pick up passable opponents. In most cases, there is a lot of information about fighters for pre-match analysis and for betting.