Simply the best boxers to bet on

The status of the best boxer in the world in history is an indicator of the highest recognition from the experts. We have collected legendary boxers regardless of weight category. Some of these athletes are still playing, so don’t waste your chance to bet on them and win some money from this betting.

Vasiliy Lomachenko
Ukraine; 31 year; WBO and WBA lightweight boxing champion.
Lomachenko is, in the mathematical and literary sense, a work of technology, hard work, courage, self-confidence, experience and natural data. In 2016-2017 the boxer led a series of four refusals in a row, when rivals could not bring themselves to go to the next round, in 2018 Lomachenko moved up a category and won two more victories. On April 12, he will box with Anthony Kroll in Los Angeles and, if you put money on Kroll, you can take 19 times more. But it is unlikely that there will be at least someone who will get rich this way.

Terence Crawford
USA; 31 year; WBO welterweight boxing champion (up to 66.7 kg).
If we imagine that somewhere there is an institute in which they train for Floyd Mayweather, then Crawford scored the highest marks upon admission. He has zero defeats, zero opponents who would be favorites in a fight with him in his weight class, and about zero things he doesn’t know how to do in the ring. Pretty popular among those who bet and one of the best right now.

Saul Alvarez
Mexico; 32 years; WBA middleweight boxing champion (up to 76.2 kg).
Here, rather, you can admire the talent of Floyd Mayweather – this is the only person who beat Alvarez in professional boxing. And Alvarez himself has so far defeated Gennady Golovkin, Miguel Cotto, Austin Trout, Chavez Jr. and Liam Smith. More importantly, right now, the Mexican’s signature is on the second-largest contract in the history of world sports: Alvarez has signed a contract with DAZN (webcast of sports shows) for $ 365 million. Baseball player Mike Trout recently managed to bypass the boxer: the Los Angeles Angels player signed near the figure of $ 430 million.

Alexander Usyk
Ukraine; 32 years; IBF, WBO and WBC champion in the first heavyweight boxing weight.
Usyk likes to remember that he was born on the same day as Muhammad Ali, January 17. While it looks like a perfect coincidence, ambition combined with Usyk’s skills could make this date the best date for the birth of great boxers. Having built an empire in the first heavyweight division, Alexander (now for sure) goes into the heavyweight boxing division, and he is not a bit scared for him. Usyk is going to his best in the new category. The absolute favourite among those who bet.

How to place winning bets on boxing?

It is quite possible to make money betting on boxing. All you need to do is analyze the fighters, view their statistics, and also find out about their trainers. Try to make the analysis objectively and as truthfully as possible about the chances of the box fighters and place a bet.